Via Luciano Savio, 7 – 33080 – Roveredo in Piano (PN) 0434.921929


LAVORMEC started more than 40 years ago.

In 1977, its founder Felice Martignago, a young specialized technician for a mechanical company in the Pordenone area, driven by entrepreneurial ambition, started a small company located in Cordenons (PN).

In 1991 his elder son Bruno Martignago joined the company; then in 1999, his younger son Silvio joined the company, too.
In 1992 the company’s seat was moved to Roveredo in Piano (PN), in a larger and more structured building.

Production, that at first dealt with medium-big batches, has gradually changed and at present, it mainly deals with niche products such as prototypes and special parts in small batches.

In 2009, the company’s seat was moved to the present production site of over 2,000 square meters where 12 production workers use cutting edge equipment.

At present LAVORMEC consists of 2 business partners and 18 employees of whom 15 work in the production department and 3 in the technical, administrative and commercial areas.

During the last years, production has more and more been focused on and specialized in special and complex machining.

Innovation, flexibility and very high qualitative standards allow LAVORMEC to stand out as a reference supplier for important international leading companies of sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, household appliances, iron and steel, aeronautic, naval, automotive, textile, and waste disposal sectors.